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Also, check the site header in the top-right corner. While much of the website is still under construction, much of the information about Gaia’s history, technology, religion, and many other topics too broad to fit into the book’s narrative will be available for consumption. I’ll also be releasing Side Stories periodically, which will delve into the lives of minor characters who might not be able to have their stories told otherwise.


Contact information, as well as my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages are below, so don’t feel shy about asking questions related to the book and its world!



Well, you see…


Magi of Gaia is a fantasy book series detailing the life and trials of three inexperienced magicians tasked with saving not only their world, but countless others by proxy. These girls are the Magi. When intruders enter Gaia’s realm, there’s no telling whether or not they’ll be good-natured or looking for a fight, and things only escalate when a woman proclaiming herself to be a goddess decides it would be best to rid Gaia of the Magi. Through enticement, bribery, and other forms of “persuasion”, this woman begins handpicking strong magicians to fight our heroines, breaking the flow of their lighthearted everyday lives.


With a focus on creative, intricate battles between magicians, evolving relationships between characters, and a sprinkling of lighthearted humor, Magi of Gaia has something for everyone. Come and explore this new world, and see what an industrial revolution looks like when it’s limited to what can be done with magic and crystals. Most importantly, come to know and love a group of characters that are as flawed as they are strong.


In fact, let’s take a sneak peek at our main trio, the current generation of Magi:



Specialty Magic: Enhancement (of strength and speed)


Acting as the vanguard of the group, Yuna is a force that can’t be taken lightly. On the battlefield, she’s in her element, though her penchant for always looking for new challenges sometimes has her taking unnecessary risks. She can be stubborn and prideful, but her heart is in the right place.


She enjoys teasing her friends but is weak against being teased.



Specialty Magic: Illusions


The heart of the Magi, Jorri overflows with cheer and kindness. A cleric that learned the hard way the damage her magic can cause, Jorri prefers to use diplomacy to persuade hostile “realm crashers” to end things peacefully. Though well-intentioned, her kindness and slow reaction speed make her an easy target.


Just don’t badmouth clerics. She WILL use her illusions to thump you.



Specialty Magic: Spatial


A free-spirited girl who can go anywhere at anytime, including leaving Gaia’s realm entirely, Eren knows a feeling of freedom that few will ever taste. Though she lacks confidence, Eren’s will to survive can turn desperation into creativity and swing a difficult fight in her favor… if her poor luck allows it.


She tries to mimic Jorri’s cheerfulness, but many people tend to treat Eren with disdain, despite her being a hero like the other Magi… but why?

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About The Author


T.E. Holtz is an American writer who first started drafting the original Magi of Gaia (then titled “Welcome to Gaia”) as a playful hobby online in 2014. After a year of writing for fun, Holtz saw that the story could be reworked in a meaningful way with more excitement, better characterization, and a more, fuller view of this new world called Gaia. Finally, after years of tweaking and developing, Holtz ended a nearly 10-year employment at one of the world’s largest retailers in hopes of pursuing a love grander than the universe—a love for the world of Gaia and all the beloved characters than inhabit it.


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